Friday, June 09, 2006

An Open Challenge To Charles Grapski

Charles Grapski has openingly called my wife and myself corrupt and profiting from our service to our community. He says that we will be arrested. He offers no proof of these allegations. If we lived two hundred years ago I would challenge him to a duel at twenty paces for this slander to settle this outrageous insult to our characters. Since we are more civilized now I will challenge him to a duel of FACTS. He claims to have proof positive to back his talk. To that I say, bring it on. Prove that either one of us has taken even one penny from anyone or any business associated with the City.

Mr. Grapski is an outsider to our community and obviously has been given bad information. He challenges me to prove a negative. I will give him a positive to refute. He claims that I was James Lewis’ campaign manager. This is false. I was his Treasurer for which I received no compensation. On the other hand, his opponent Lewis Irby did have a paid campaign consultant.

I make my living as a veterinarian. I do not now nor have I ever owned any stock in any company that does any business with the City or business in the city. My wife earns her living as a state employee and Mayor of our beautiful city. My wife does not now nor has she ever owned any stock. We own one rental unit which we bought from my wife’s son.

The citizens of our Good Life Community know of our voluntary services. We have both been recognized by the Chamber of Commerce for our services to many organizations like NUBA in their fund raising efforts, The Military Support Group of Alachua County, the Recreation Department, LDR and Comprehensive Plan Committees, Clean Up Days, Planning and Zoning Committee, Police Pension Board, Past President of the Alachua Women’s Club, Past Presidents of the Chamber, Chamber Sportsfest Committee, Chairs of the local Christmas Parade, Citizens Advisory Task Force, Greater Alachua Transportation Task Force, Countywide Visioning Committee, Mebane SAC, Drug Prevention Council, NCF Regional Economic Development Council, fund raising efforts for the youth sports programs to name but a few organizations. We have also donated money and hundreds of volunteer hours to a multitude of community projects.

Let the citizens be alert to these false allegations of corruption and profiteering. They should consider the character of someone who bares false witness against good citizens for their own agenda. Mr. Grapski, stop lying about our character. If you have any proof positive then present it publicly for all to see.

Posted by Bud Calderwood


At Sat Jun 17, 07:18:00 PM, Blogger Hugh Calderwood said...

It has been a week and Grapski hasn't taken our challenge to produce his "proof positive" of our corruption and profiteering. I wonder why?

At Tue Oct 17, 01:46:00 PM, Blogger ed smith said...

You republicans perverted scum stole the elections in 2000 and 2004, Now your all getting busted for the crimes you committed and your offended that we the real Americans are finally speaking up about it. Time to clean house in 2006 and 2008 and put all the corrupt republicans including BUSH in Jail!!


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