Wednesday, May 31, 2006

We've Been Noticed

The Truth About the ALA Blog has been found - particularly by Charlie Grapski. Mr. Grapski is pictured here, after his arrest.

In a subsequent phone call, I couldn't get a word in edgewise for all of Grapski's screaming like a banshee.

Through all of his screaming, I learned a few things - the world according to Charlie, you might say.

1. According to Charlie Grapski, Bernie Machen is one of the most corrupt people on the face of the planet, and probably the most corrupt person to come across the University of Florida since John Lombardi.

2. The courts threw out Grapski's complaint against Bernie Machen, but according to Charlie Grapski,
Judge Roundtree is an incompentent idiot, anyway.

3. According to Charlie Grapski, the police department in the City of Alachua is corrupt and the latest problem with an officer is an example of Clovis Watson's corruptness - despite the fact that Clovis Watson was not city manager when that police officer was hired and there was no personnel department when the police officer was hired.

4. According to Charlie Grapski, the Mayor of the City of Alachua and the Commissoners are in violation of open meeting laws because the approval of minutes of the canvassing board were on the consent agenda - despite the fact that the approval of minutes are always on the consent agenda.

5. According to Charlie Grapski, the city will not allow the recent absentee ballots to be reviewed, despite the fact that they were reviewed by the canvassing board and the candidates, and none of them had any complaints. The ballots were also recently reviewed by Michael Canney, resident of the City of Alachua, the chair of the Alachua County Green Party and a Grapski associate.

6. According to Charlie Grapski, the people leading the city of Alachua have been involved in controversial and suspect land deals, despite the fact that people tied to the ALA filed a lawsuit alleging just such things and were thrown out court, and then dismissed by the appeals court.

7. According to Grapski, leaders of the City of Alachua are as crooked as can be, but he seems to be woefully short on detail.

8. According to Grapski, this is an attack site, but his own site is not, and neither is the ALA site. In fact, on the ALA site, where they regularly refer to Clovis Watson as functionally illiterate, and call other people names, they made sure to refer to us as as the Attack Site.

9. According to Charlie Grapski, I am the anonymous poster on other blogs. . .Nice try, Grapski.

That is only the beginning, but it makes my head hurt too much to recycle Grapski-isms.

Actually, many of these are standard issue ALA complaints. We don't mean to pick on Grapski, but the ALA has simply found their new patron saint in Grapski. He is their front man, right now, so we work with what they give us.

By the way, check the links over on the right side. We have added links to
Grapski's site. We have also added links to the ALA site and their wonderful blog. If you really want some fun, check out the ALA site. You can't pay for that kind of entertainment. Another funny aspect of the ALA blog is Grapski's repeated posts along with the repeated disclaimer that he doesn't usually post on anonymous blogs. Huh???

Noticed that they really started to try to put the screws to Clovis Watson about the time that he declined to be nominated for the Democrat of the Year award. I wonder if there is some worry that there could be a party switch coming up? Is this the
Michael Steele'ing of Clovis Watson?

This would all be funny - if it weren't so serious. But, it really is very serious. The City of Alachua has an opportunity to become a bright, economic star in Alachua County. The ALA, and now other's seek to have that star extinguished.

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At Wed May 31, 10:08:00 PM, Blogger Hugh Calderwood said...

Just to be clear, the ALA says that their lawsuit never was heard on it's merits. However, they never presented any evidence to prove their allegations in 2 1/2 years. The following is a portion of Roundtree's ruling to dismiss the case which was upheld by the Appelate Court. We will post the complete ruling soon.

1. This case has been pending since March 5, 2003, when Plaintiffs filed a complaint and a petition seeking certiorari review of certain actions of the city of Alachua, Florida. On April 1, 2003, this court bifurcated the certiori petition from the other portions of the complaint and ordered that summonses be issued for service upon Defendant, City of Alachua. On April 15, 2003, Defendants, Waco Properties and Wal-Mart Stores were permitted to intervene as parties. Since that time, almost two years ago, Plaintiffs have attempted to amend their complaint at least four times to state proper legal causes of actions against these Defendants. This case is no closer to trial on the merits than it was the day it was filed.

14. A review of the record including the predecessor judge's comments regarding Plaintiffs' (editors note- McCoy and the ALA) tactics, and the experience this court has had with this case leads to one inescapable conclusion: Plaintiffs, desire is to delay the process of this case and they have no interest in a timely judicial resolution. Plaintiffs have abused their amendment privileges.

15. The Court finds the Plaintiffs' conduct as well as their counsel's conduct in disobeying court orders to be willful, deliberate and contumacious (editor-insolently abusive and humiliating). The delay caused by Plaintiffs and their counsel's conduct has been prejudicial to the Defendants causing them expense and needless delay. This case has been pending for two years and it is no closer to resolution than the day it was filed.

Editors note- The certiori petition was immediately thrown out!!


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