Sunday, May 28, 2006

Welcome to The Truth About the ALA

Welcome to "The Truth About the ALA" blog.

The ALA (a.k.a the Alachua Leadership Alliance) has dedicated itself to the destrution of the City of Alachua and its pro-job, pro-family way of life and government. They have imported and adopted the zero growth / poverty by design policies and antagonisms of Alachua County's and Gainesville's most radical elements.

One of those recently imported radical elements is Charles Grapski. Charlie Grapski has been a bit player in Alachua County politics for quite some time. He is a study in contradiction. He, famously, decried the party system (faithfully being registered to vote NPA), but then changed his registration to Democrat when he felt that it suited him to run for State House, District 23.

He, famously, sues governments and government employees, supposedly seeking open and honest government, but secretly records private citizens / government employees without their express permission.

Now the word is making round that Mr. Grapski's check to the clerk of the court for the lawsuit that he filed against the City of Alachua (Grapski alleges election fraud) has been returned to the court for Non Sufficient Funds.

Another recent import by the ALA is Alachua County Commissioner Mike Byerly. Mr. Byerly is the face of environmental absolutism and poverty by design policies in Alachua County.

Despite not being residents of the City of Alachua, Charlie Grapski and Commissioner Byerly have become the new spokemen for the ALA and its anti-job / anti-family policies.

Of course, this is only the most recent chapter in the saga of the ALA and their anti-family / anti-job policies. Now, the truth will be told.

This site is not an anonymous free-for-all. Only registered bloggers with seemingly real names will be allowed to post. Pseudonyms will not be allowed. If detected, they will be deleted.

This blog is not here to carry the ALA's message. They have their own site for that.

We reserve the right to delete any post at any time.

Once again, welcome to:

The Truth About the ALA

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At Wed May 31, 04:26:00 PM, Blogger Hugh Calderwood said...

I look forward to getting the truth about the ALA out for the public to see.

At Wed May 31, 04:47:00 PM, Blogger Hugh Calderwood said...

I spoke with Stafford who said that there are people in Alachua who believe Charles Grapski's undocumented claims of corruption in city hall. If these people want to hear the other side I encourage you to ask them here and I will find an answer for you. It is time to stop the rumors and slander/lible and shine the light on the misinformation spread on the streets by Mr. Grapski and the ALA.

At Mon Jun 05, 07:02:00 AM, Blogger Pat said...

Good Job. This is my first time reading and posting on a blog. I say good job because this one is appealing visually and in content. It has the kind of class and dignity that is becoming of people about serious business, growth and progress. I have not read the blog of the group/individuals that is the primary subject of "The Truth About the ALA". However, I do not need to because I already know who they are and what they are about and it is not pretty. I received my first taste of them during what I refer to the Walmart Debates of Alachua and have observed there shenanigans since and what seems to be at the heart of their nonsense. Speaking of Wal-Mart the subject came up in a recent BAGG (formerly GLBA) meeting, as it often does. Just as one of the members were about to make disparaging remarks about what is one of my favorite stores I promptly announced "I like Wal-Mart". I was amused by the split-second dead silence, the smiles by some, the looks of amazement and bewilderment of others and still marvel at those with the deer caught in headlights stance. We proceeded on with our discussion and one Wal-Mart opponent and I left a bit early around the same time...coincidental...perhaps not. Because when we were outside of the meeting he asked "what is it about Wal-mart you like so much?" I said while Wal-Mart isn't perfect as nothing or no one is, I believe in progress and diversity and Wal-Mart brings progress. When I refer to diversity, I am not speaking of cultural diversity I am speaking of economic diversity and economics speaks progress for all and all is who I'm far. I truly believe that no community can grow and thrive without economic diversity and I know all of you are aware of cities (large and small) who perished or went into their own depressions/recessions by being totally or overly dependent on what worked yesterday and what we "Ahave always done". I am reminded of the characters in "Who Moved My Cheese" is easy to see which ones are the ALA and the most recent loser of the Alachua City Commission are and which are those who are visionary enough to know that the status quo does not hold water into today's rapidly changing information age. Myopia is what put the Stage Coach out of business; if they had realized they were in the transportation business...the train might not have come along and stole all of its customers. Alachua is a family city that needs to provide for its past and future generations...there is no future for Alachua without the means to provide a reason to stay...the first and most important of those reasons being a job and the next a place to stay that can be paid for with the income from those jobs. I close by saying that whoever it was saying that people are believing the rhetoric put forth by ALA is right. I experienced it first hand during the elections when one of my closest friends said...I was going to vote for James Lewis but...I then had to be a brief best I could and ended that comparison by are familiar with ALA and you know what they stand for and the alternative candidate seems to be closely aligned with them...but be that as it may...You know that Dollar Gerneral job your sister has...that helps to support your Mom...she would not have that without people like James Lewis because Dollar General would not be here. Keep up the good work. Good Job!!!


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