Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Charlie Grapski, A Loyal Alachua County Democrat

Loves Mike Byerly
Obsessed with Clovis Watson
Friend of Dr. Evil

'Nuff Said


At Wed Jul 12, 10:45:00 AM, Blogger Dave Ellis said...

Wait a minute...I thought Charlie didn't have a working computer...

At Wed Jul 12, 10:56:00 AM, Blogger Hugh Calderwood said...

Mr. Grapski is morphing into the ALA day by day. He would do better spending his time reporting his campaign finance reports. I thought that he was the champion of Election Laws.

At Wed Jul 12, 03:56:00 PM, Blogger LoPhatt said...

What a hack you are and stafford is more of a product than an individual, a mere sign of the times.

At Wed Jul 12, 04:07:00 PM, Blogger Stafford Jones said...


Apparently, you aren't aware that the picture was posted on Charlie's blog along with some text satirizing me and the Republican Executive Committee. It was posted this morning. Go see for yourself.

It's just a little tit-for-tat satire.

We can still have a little bit of fun, in this.

At Wed Jul 12, 06:04:00 PM, Blogger Charles Grapski said...


My laptop needs to go to the shop. But I have waited until I get back into town to send it. In the meantime - I have many a "computer lair" in and around the county - where I conspire with fellow ALA-conspirators. (But it makes email difficult - since they are all on different servers).

But I am deeply disappointed that Stafford would put an innocent little guy's photo on the web and "out" him like this. I can assure you, he gave me no inner secrets, I just am willing to associate with people from your side - even your inner sanctum.

And no one even asked for his consent before "intercepting" his non-verbal communications.

At Thu Jul 13, 05:55:00 AM, Blogger Dave Ellis said...


I'll buy you a cup of coffee if you promise to put that picture on a campaign flyer.

At Thu Jul 13, 09:57:00 AM, Blogger LoPhatt said...

It's funny till someone gets hurt; then it's hilarious.

At Fri Jul 21, 09:17:00 AM, Blogger Layne said...

Are you guys serious?! This is so silly. Everyone is making our little town of Alachua look like we are a bunch of idiots!

At Sun Jul 23, 11:04:00 AM, Blogger Hugh Calderwood said...

Mr. Grapski says:

"I have decided this morning to NOT qualify for the 2006 general election for the Florida House. This was a difficult decision - as I believe I could have won this race and played a significant role in bringing change to our political system from the level of the State of Florida".

I find this very funny since I believe that he didn't have enough petitions signed and not enough money to qualify. Of course we don't know how much money he has since he STILL hasn't turned in his quarterly report. So much for for following the Election Laws.

At Thu Jul 27, 10:35:00 PM, Blogger Charles Grapski said...

To correct the record from Mr. Calderwood's misinformation tactics (a review of the history of Mr. Calderwood's involvement in Alachua politics and government can be obtained at the Alachua Project site - with more historical documents being added daily):

1) I originally intended on qualifying via petition. I had sufficient petitions long before the deadline - but a larger number were not accepted by the Supervisor of Elections than we expected. At that time I was dealing with the necessity of appearing in Court due to the misconduct of Alachua's Mayor, City Manager, and Police Chief. I decided at that time to qualify instead, as the others in the race did, by paying the qualifying fee.

2) I had sufficient pledges of money to qualify via the fee. I had intended on doing so as late as last Friday - but had to consider a number of issues before going ahead.

I had to consider whether it was best to put that money into the campaign - or into the battle for democracy in Alachua. I chose the latter. I will now put my efforts into organizing a sufficient means whereby to overthrow the corruption that is rampant and dominant in the City of Alachua and to empower the citizens thereof to engage in truly democratic self-government.

Additionally, I had another fundraising issue to deal with: the State Attorney's office offered me a "deal" - if I agreed NOT to prosecute Clovis Watson for the offenses he committed against me, the State would drop all four of the charges that the City of Alachua has trumped up against me.

I could have accepted that - and the legal rangling would have come to an end - and I could have focused 100% of the remaining two months on my campaign.

The citizens of Alachua, however, deserve to have those who are acting corruptly and unethically in their City exposed, brought to justice, and removed. Taking the "deal" might have been strategically wise for my campaign; taking the "deal" might have been fiscally safe as I would not have to raise the money for a massive series of litigation (which I am sure to win in the end - but only by being forced into a long, draw-out, and costly legal battle. Taking the "deal" would certainly have been the easiest thing for me to do personally.

But it would not be the PRINCIPLED thing to do. As I will not, at any time, consider any "deal" whereby I agree to forgo the prosecution of Clovis Watson or any other City official for the criminal and civil offenses they have committed - I am faced with the very real possibility that the State Attorney's office will attempt to resolve this matter in the criminal courts.

They have an extremely weak case - and it will, in the end, prove an embarrasment to the State Attorney's office if they proceed (they may or may not decide to do so - but that is there decision to make. I have long respected Bill Cervone and have been quite disappointed by his inactions in this matter to date. I still hold out the faith that he will do the right thing and drop the charges against me, without garnering any protective deal for Clovis Watson, the City of Alachua, or any other of its officials, and will seek criminal prosecutions for the wrongdoings of these officials. In the end I will discover, one way or other, whether my past impressions of Cervone are correct or not.

But as I am not inclined to consider any offer which entails that I agree not to prosecute Clovis Watson, which is what I have been offered, I know that the real legal battles may begin shortly - and for that I will need to dedicate a great deal of time and energy toward a fundraising campaign for that battle - because I am prepared to fight it to the end.

I thus concluded that I could not, given the concurrence of the timing of this issue with the remaining two months of the campaign season, dedicate sufficient time and resources to pursuing my election to represent the people of Alachua and Marion counties in Tallahassee - while at the same time ensuring that the citizens of Alachua (and also all other citizens who are affected by the corruption in that city) will have their right to fair elections and honest government fought for in the courts - via the several paths of litigation that I have initiated and including the one that I have not initiated (the criminal defense).

I can assure you that in the end I will prevail on this matter. But the reality (and the reality of the injustice of) of our system is that in order to secure just outcomes - one must be prepared to go to court, spend far too much money, and battle it out head-to-head. This is why there is so little justice in our nation today - because the system of justice has been replaced by a game of chance - in which the odds are against the innocent, because it is far easier to make a deal than to stand up and fight.

I am a fighter - not a deal maker.

Thus I have chosen to step back from my campaign for the House of Representatives - and fight for the rights of my friends and neighbors and those who I have never met by a different approach.


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