Monday, June 19, 2006

To Be Unburdened

To be unburdened of ethics and honesty must be a very empowering thing when debating your adversaries. In his quest to lead the ALA against supposed corruption, Mr. Grapski has, indeed, completely freed himself from the bounds of decency and honesty. In Mr. Grapski’s theoretical world, he knows what is best, and, therefore, the ends justify the means.

Let’s look at a couple of specific examples:

The first one is just classic! Mr. Grapski claims that the Republican Executive Committee is out to get “compromising information” on him. Last week, on the blog, Charlie wrote:

The other night I was informed that the Republican Executive Committee was "out to get me" - and indeed a friend came to me to tell me he had been approached by an REC member - seeking for him to assist getting "compromising information" on me.

I am sure that making statements like that does wonders for Mr. Grapski’s persecution complex, but it simply isn’t true. Actually, we will leave the goon-squad tactics to Mr. Grapski. Witness his attempting to intimidate Republican volunteers by posting pictures and profiles of them and their family members on his far-left, liberal website.

By the way, that is a good picture, Mildred. Isn’t that you and Rusty at the Governor’s Christmas Party?

Another great example of Grapski’s leave of absence from the truth is his claim that the Republican Executive Committee claimed to be coordinating some event with the NAACP. Nothing we sent out claimed any such thing, but that didn’t matter to Mr. Grapski. The Republican Party had nothing to do with coordinating that event. It is being coordinated by others, but we intended to be there to show our support for Mayor Jean Calderwood and Clovis Watson and the economic development, job-creation policies taking hold in Alachua. Fortunately, for us, Mr. Grapski posted our email right next to his interpretation of it, and they weren’t even remotely similar. The people who were fooled by Mr. Grapski, have now been un-fooled.

It is our understanding that the event has been postponed, again, in an effort to coordinate several groups. We will keep our ears open, and when they do have it, the Republicans will be there to show our support for the job and economic opportunity creating policies that the ALA and their current leader, Charlie Grapski, despise so much.

But, what is this really all about for Charlie Grapski and the ALA. Is it really about corruption? Their words to their local audience say, “yes”, but their words to their out-of-town, liberal audience says something completely different. In an “article” (really a one-sided manifesto) at the liberal Raw Story opinion-journalism site, Charlie Grapski had this to say.

There is another dimension to what’s happening in Alachua County. The County of Alachua is one of the two Democratic voting areas in Florida; the rest of the state has gone Republican. The Republican Party has taken over the City of Alachua and basically opened it up for drive-through development. There are all kinds of land deals where these city officials and cronies are benefiting by development of land, including Rod Smith. We’re talking a Wal-Mart distribution center, a Wal-Mart super-center and a Home Depot…They can’t get these developed in Alachua County so they absolutely have control over some of these small towns. They are just opening doors for unrestrained growth and development – multi-millions of dollars changing hands.

So now we see another example of how Charlie Grapski has unburdened himself from the truth. He is telling his local audience one thing, all the while getting support for his anti-job policies by telling his liberal friends across the country something else.

I really like the part about the Republican Party having taken over the City of Alachua. Hasn’t somebody told Charlie that there are four Democrats and one Republican on the Alachua City Commission? Has somebody neglected to tell Charlie Grapski and the ALA that there are more registered Democrats in the City of Alachua than registered Republicans?

Maybe the Democrats just aren’t Charlie Grapski’s kind of Democrats.

Maybe Charlie Grapski is becoming the standard model of the Alachua County Democrat.

From the amount of email that we are receiving from Democrats (and Republicans) supporting what we are doing here, and the number of people that keep standing up at Alachua City Commission meetings supporting the Commission and Clovis Watson, I would suggest that a lot of other people think so, too.

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At Mon Jun 19, 09:58:00 PM, Blogger Hugh Calderwood said...

I was happy to see the number of average citizens, black and white , that actually stood up at the podium tonight at the Commission Meeting, on camera, and praised the commission and Clovis Watson for what they are doing in Alachua. These are people willing to be known for their positive statements, not the cowards that hide on anonymous blogs, Grapski's and the ALA's, and throw libelous bombs.

At Mon Jun 19, 10:06:00 PM, Blogger Mildred Russell said...

Yes, that picture was taken at one of the Governor's Christmas parties. The Governor does throw a good party.

Grapski is so far left of reality that what he says does not even resemble the truth. We have dealt with that tactic for years though, and we will continue to abide by our principles and for what is right and good for our community. Thanks for being a good leader, Stafford.


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